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I've noticed recently that my AE 100 has been showing green one side purple other side - most noticeable in dark/washed out scenes, and in the black bars in 2.35:1 DVDs. Having read other posts here in the past on the issue, I was concerned at having to change the proj - its fine otherwise (fingers crossed !)

I was watching Bullit last night and got really fed up with walls which should have been cream/neutral showing up different colour tints on each side of the screen, and settled down for some tweaking - lots of capacity between ProV and proj (too much, if anything).

The solution (for me) is Contrast !!!! I reset the Prov's Picture menu settings and although the picture was a lot darker, and colours very saturated - skin tones looked gack - the blacks were actually black - not showing the tints I suffered from before.

The downside is that the picture is much coarser with high contrast, so I began to adjust brightness using ProV and then leaving ProV alone and adjust brightness on proj alternatively to get a clearer image. I also was able to reduce the contrast - there was a point where you could see the colour tint problem snapping back - and adjusted it a notch over that.

I have to say that the picture quality is otherwise not quite as good as before - in terms of colour accuracy and skintones - at least I don't think so, but I'll get my other half to have a look tonight. If I think its a fix I'll post the settings so you can check them out.

Sean G.

I'll have another check tonight to make sure


Try this.

In the menu (2nd screen I think - options), set background colour to grey.

Then select a non-used input - you should get a full grey screen.

This is where colour uniformity problems show up most clearly.

BTW, this grey is generated by the PJ, so totally independent of source etc...

If the tinting is very bad here, no amount of tweaking will rid you of it - you'll just be "compensating" or "masking" it to a degree - you shouldn't have to.

BTW, where are you? Dublin?
I'm in Limerick.


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Hi Kramer,

Just tried as you suggested

there is some of the uniformity problem still there - whjatever tweaking I did to the AE 100 has dealt with the worst of it, and the picture through the ProV has dialled out the rest.

This kind of business is a tweakers paradise/hell, depending on your point of view. I had managed to tweak the blooming thing so far in search of the smoothest image that I made the unifomity weakness (which lots of projs have) very evident....

Yip I'm in Dublin - worked in Limerick about 25 years ago (!!!!! old...) got contact from Meeps here recently - PM me if you like -
the Irish are fairly few here..........

Where did you get your PJ ??

Sean G.

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