ae 100 - 3 RCA - VGA Cable will it work?

richard plumb

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mmm, Has anyone tried on of these compared to direct progressive? magking, have you done comparisons with 'normal' progressive component?

I remember some talk on the AVSforum a while back, but forgot about it.

While progressive component is great quality, it isn't supposed to be the best input into the AE100. VGA is.

Now the ProV is getting good results compared to component, but maybe its a poor image into a good input, compared to a good image into a poor input.

What this (should) do is take a good image and connect it to the good input on the AE100.

Very expensive though...


We've got a few parrallel post going on it seems. What we all want is RGB to VGA that can work on any projector. I think I'm sorted, but someone tell me what synch frequency you need for an AE100? I have dared to be different, for better or worse. There are a few devices out there, including the pro-v, which I have tried and gave results no better than the composite vid. Maybe because of the garbage in garbage out theory? I tried it on RGB on my STB, made no difference.


I have both setups (component direct and component to VGA).
I actually like the component direct better as i cant get the KeyDigital converter to get the vertical positioning right. So i have to adjust that on the PJ, with the result of the picture beeing smaller vertically.
But as i get some diagonal lines crossing the picture when i use component direct from my Denon DVD3800 i use the converter.
As to PQ beetween the two, i'll say the £300 for the converter is not worth it.


That converter is pricey, as you say you'd expect to see a difference for that! This presumably is to get around the horizontal frequency of the AE100? Dont keeneor lecktropaks do a cheaper converter. But then if you have a component input separately you might as well use it. You are bound to lose something with each process you put the signal through. My reason to use one is that my best output from my STB is RGB, and my pj has no separate component input, it's autodetected via the 15 pin sub-d. I already have a cable in there, so I can just plug the rgb to vga cable onto the end of that. My DVD is via HCPC. It would have to be a big difference between component and VGA to justify converting the signal. BTW the cable that started this threadwill work on my projector, I just have no component source!

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