Advise Sony KV36FS70 Widescreen tv


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Hi can anybody out there offer any advise?. On viewing the screen the top left corner of the picture seems to be curved to a point where viewing tx some of the info is missing. I have tried to correct this through the manual picture control but to no avail. Has anybody got a clue as to how to cure this. :lease:


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I had the same thing and got an engineer to come in and fix it. Well worthwhile. If you are feeling brave and want to try yourself, you need to go into the service menu, which procedure I think is:

switch off
hold both channel buttons down (ontop of TV)
switch on with remote
open menus

This will give you acces to huge number of adjustments. The settings are numbered, and you should write them all down first before adjusting anything. I think you have to come out of menu to apply the new settings - very tedious.

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