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Hi, I have an old type ps3 60gb and recently downloaded a few demo games. I noticed that the speech on one of them was really slow, I thought nothing of it until I played another game on a disc and it done the same. Now the sound is really slow all the time on all games, so slow you can't understand it. Does anybody have any ideas what it could be? I have formatted the hard drive but still doing it.

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I've never heard anything like this before in my life dude.

you are best of calling sony themselves because unless anyone here has had it then I doubt anyone will know the solution

The Phone Numer for Playstation Customer Service is 08705 99 88 77


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Cheers for that mate. I gave them a call and got it sorted. Turns out its my new lg av receiver that's making it do it, not sure why but I have just ordered some new hdmi cables and that will hopefully sort it. Am using the optical out at the moment so I can play it. Thanks for your advise Foster, much appreciated.


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Arrh your amp - there should be a setting on the amp were you can adjust the audio delay - not sure if a new hdmi cable will help - could be wrong. I connect via optical cable anyhow but am aware of the above setting you can adjust - not sure if its only one way - ie delay the audio out or both ways so can delay vid (or audio quicker if you like)

have a look in your manual mate and see if you can have a play


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Had a fiddle with the delay but no joy. The sound is slow you can't understand it on the tv or surround sound. Think I'm just gonna have to join the ps3 straight to the tv and use the optical out for the surround sound. Cheers guys.

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