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Hi, I am a complete newbie to digital cameras but I intend to prise open my piggybank next week and buy a
Canon A75 camera ( 3.2 mega pixel ). I have read on a web site that a128 mb memory card is the minimum size memory that I should buy with the camera. Could some kind soul please tell me how many shots or pictures approx a 128 card holds if used on automatic setting and should I pay more money and buy a 256 mb or 2 x 128 cards. Thanks.


Hi batman and welcome to the forum.

There are a lot of factors that will determin how many pics you can get onto any memory card. You can set the camera to take different size & quality of pictures.

I have a Canon 3mp camera and so will give the quantities according to the manual for my S30 with a 128mb card.

Large & Super Fine: 76
Small & Normal: 1355

Obviously you can see there is a vast difference in the number of picturesLarge & Super Fine you can get on a 128mb card. I don't know if your camera will have all of these settings. there are also many other setting inbetween the 2 I have listed. My camera has the options of Large, Medium 1, Medium 2 & small and within each of those options you have Superfine, Fine & Normal.
You will need to play around with the settings to find the quality you can live with and still have enough space to take your pics. I personally have my camera set to Large & Super Fine as I see no point in paying all the money for a high quality camera and then saving space by loosing quality. Memory cards are now fairly cheap anyway. Also a high quality pic gives you more options for editing on a PC.

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