Advise please: IPad Air 2 with very odd battery problems


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Hi all

I’m hoping to channel the collective wisdom of forum members in the hope you may be able to help with a very odd battery issue on my ageing iPad Air 2 which coincidentally I’m using to post this.

Basically if I charge the iPad to full capacity and then run off the battery the iPad will randomly and intermittently shutdown. Pressing the power button to turn the device back on will either restart the iPad first time, or I get the charge battery notification. At this point if I keep retrying after a few attempts it will eventually turn back on. Unfortunately once booted then it’s pot luck if the iPad stays on or shutsdown again - normally within 20ish seconds.

The most obvious issue is that the battery is depleted and can’t hold a charge; but here’s the real puzzling thing: After a few cycles of shutting down and eventually restarting the iPad ‘stabilises’ and then I can go on to use the iPad for about 6 hours without issue until the battery is drained and it needs recharging again - go figure! 🤔

Ive had apple check the battery and they say it’s fine but other than that they won’t touch it. I’ve done a factory reset but that hasn’t solved the issue. The only thing my Sherlock skills have managed to work out is that this behaviour only seems to manifest itself if the battery is charged to 100% - charge to say 95% and I don’t get the same issue.

It’s proving to be quite the head scratcher. So my question is has anyone else experienced this issue before and is there a solution?

All ideas gratefully received. Thanks!


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Ours does similar we had a iPhone 5 do the same i think the battery isn't great it's getting on for 6 year's old now so its bound to be showing its age it's not as stable as it use to be


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Thanks for the thoughts unfortunately apple checked the battery and they report it is fine so that’s not the cause of the issue - at least directly.


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I have a old Samsung that has battery problems, when I want to use it I just use a power bank, the tablet thinks it’s plugged into the charger and it works fine.


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Think your only chance is to make an appointment at the Apple store Genius bar (when the stores re-open) and make sure before you go in that it's charged to 100% so they can maybe see the symptoms themselves.
They should then have a better understanding as to what's causing it.

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