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    For the past few years, I've been watching a 42" Panasonic 3D LED TV. Recently I decided that I wanted a new 4K telly, and like an idiot bought a Samsung UE49KS7000 based on on-line reviews & the advise of the guy in the shop (I bought over the phone from Richer Sounds as the TV was never going to fit in my car).
    When I first turned the Samsung on, I was very impressed with the picture, BUT......if I moved only a few inches away from being directly in front on the screen, the whole thing went foggy & grey. I have never seen a TV with such a narrow viewing angle.
    Secondly, the ridiculous feet !!!!
    Thirdly, I like watching TV in relative darkness, the Samsung hates being watched in the dark, loads of light bleeding onto the screen, blacks are horrendous, no detail whatsoever, the only way to improve the detail in the blacks is to increase the brightness to where the whole screen is a sea of fog. The HDR setting seemed pointless, it made the horrible blacks even worse, and made the bright bits even brighter to the extent where it caused eye strain.
    So, generally, I was not at all impressed with the Samsung, to the extent that I sent it back, even though I lost £120 on the deal because I had put the box outside in the rain, so had to send it back unboxed (not Richer Sounds fault).
    Now I am looking for a new TV again, I want 43" - 49", TBH 43" would fit better in my room, I want 4K, not bothered about sound quality as I use external speakers, MUST have a proper viewing angle, MUST have good quality image in light & dark rooms.
    I've looked at Sony, which seem to have good viewing angles, but not especially vibrant. The new Panasonics don't seem as good as the older ones. I don't want another Samsung, I would get an OLED but they are too big for my room, what do you recommend?????
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