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Jan 13, 2005
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hi guys,

just bought a Pioneer VSX-D915 Receiver, looking for some speakers to go with it, now considering i have just shelled out nearly 3 grand on a plasma (pio 436) too, i am on a bit of a budget. i just want to really pop over to richer sounds an pick these up, my 2 options at the moment are...

OPTION 1... Sony SFCR500H (5 speaker package)

I like these as they are very nice to look at, however will I also need a sub? and can I get stands for the rears? anyone own or tried these are the ok?


Centre = Gale 3050C Beech, Fronts = Gale 3030 Beech , Rears = Gale 3060 BIPOLAR Beech

Now I am guessing these will not need a sub as the power will be sufficient, with these be worth the extra cost, plus they are a lot more bulky? also can I get stands for the rears again?

please let me know what you guys think as I am a novice with setting these things up. cheers.
The gale will be ok for a starter set for sure, the sonys i'm not so sure about. Quite a few people use the bi-polar gales and i'm not sure about stands for larger speakers, i would like to knoe this also as i may have to use them for my mission m7ds.

No dobt you could do better in the classifieds section of the forum though.
Gales are usually fairly good, the centre speaker i bought a few years ago was good considering its

Gales tend to have a warm sound tho, and can on occasion lean towards muffled if it goes anywhere bad, mebbe their slightly newer ones are different, i wouldnt know, but in the past that is what i've experienced....its not so much a bad thing, but its best to feed them from a bright source to save it going too cloying.

if you prefer more brighter type sound with a faster more snappy punch, but a little less bass weight mebbe consider the Mission speakers you can pick up cheap sometimes, cant remember the name of the shop now, look in What Hifi at the back where the ads are, they have a green stripey type page with a lot of ex-demo and bargain stuff listed.......Richer Sounds used to do them, but i havnt seen much of a Mission range from them assuming they cant get such a good price anymore when they buy
If your refering to hyperfi, you'll be lucky if they have any in stock and at the price they advertise if it is in stock. "Sorry sir we don't have any of the ex-demo/b stock left, we have some brand new ones at twice the price" or "sorry that colour has sold out we have another that is slightly more expensive but the finish is better" although they have never tried to sell me an alternative product strangly.

I don't think they have updated there page in a few months though, but in the interest of fairness heres a link
thanks for the advice guys,

think I will go for the gales over the sony's. im sure richers has stands for those bipolars for £30 which again is a good deal, means i can get the floorstanders, centre, and 2 rear bipolars with stands for £310.



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