Advise on the best samsung TV..?


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I need to update my aging samsung 65 inch 4k TV..
looking on amazon, i see Q60, Q70, Q80, Q90 and so forth..
QLED, quantum and more..
it is all very confusing for a guy whose TV experience was about 1948 with a pilot TV.. a 2 inch or thereabouts B&W tv..!
so, please help me cut through all these acronyms, letters, numbers and so forth so i can select a good decent samsung curved TV about 65 or 70 inches..
please help educate this newbie..

cordially, bill morrow

Sloppy Bob

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good decent samsung curved TV

They stopped making curved TVs a few years ago. It was a fad, that thankfully died.

As you're in the US and this is primarily a UK based forum you may be better off asking for advice on AVS - AVS Forum

UK and US don't share the same models and other than streaming platforms we don't share the same TV systems and companies.

If you go there though, you need to give more information to them, such as what your sources are in what quality. (Netflix UHD, basic cable from Cox, terrestrial TV, do you watch DVD/Bluray/UHD discs)

Also, Samsung may not be the best choice for you depending upon the room, size and what you watch.


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thanks sloppy..
appreciate your reply..
IRT curved TV's, sort of agree, a bit of a mixed bag..
the bad part being they sort of focus a reflection..
the model # of my existing TV is: UN65JU6700FXZA
my source is netflx in spite of their soft indoctrination, amazon prime tv, direcTV sattelite and the occasional DVD CD.. i am shedding the direcTV and taking up comcast cable.. since i already have comcast 875.84 mbps down so streaming from other sources should be ok..
cordially, bill morrow

Sloppy Bob

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As I said, TVs here in the UK aren't the same models, and this is, primarily, a UK based forum. We do have members from all around the world but when it comes to TVs I think you'd get better advice on a US-based forum.

I could recommend you a Samsung Q94A, but you don't have it in the US. That's why I think you'd be better posting on AVS. TVs here in the UK aren't the same as the US with different model numbers and even ones with the same model numbers can have different specs. Prices are vastly different as well.

I'm not going to post anything about looking at specific models as I could be entirely wrong due to my lack of knowledge of the US market.

I would recommend the site I mentioned above and Reviews and Ratings which is a US-based review site. It can be technical however and to know what kind of TV you need, you really need to understand what it is you watch, how you use the TV, what kind of room it's going in and how important HDR would be to you. Also you budget is very important.

I would say there's little point answering all that here though, that's for AVS.

TV buying got a lot more complicated in the last few years and it can be a minefield. This is also a bad time of year to buy a new TV as unless you can track down a 2020 model, which here in the UK have virtually all sold out, you're paying near peak prices for 2021 models until at least Black Friday.

Here are a few links from here to help you understand.


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