Advise on speakers to match Chord amplifiers


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There aren't many Chord amplifier owners around these parts that I'm aware of, I'm afraid. I gather you're looking at the highish end of the market, going by your Wilson Benesch mention.

What's your maximum budget, room size, music tastes and your source/s ?

I'm a lover of the B&W 800 series range of speakers, other nominations would be something like Focal-JMLab Electra 1027Be or Diva Utopia Be would be highly recommended. Others would suggest Martin Logan Vantage, PMC IB2 or even Quad ESL 2905 ( drools ).. At these prices demos are the only way of knowing what you're really after.

I'm sure hopefully others will jump in with their recommendations, so goodluck with your decision..

Tim :)


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You really need to listen as opposed to what a dealer may reckon is a "no-go".....B&W,Wilson Audio(and Wilson Bensech) ProAc and many others spring to mind....dont be put off by what someone else's opinion may say.


I was running my pair of Wilson Benesch Discovery's with a Chord SMP1200C amp and they certainly sounded very sweet i was also useing a Meridian G08 as the source and a G02 as the Preamp, and i would certainly agree with Alexs2 in that don't discount any combination because of what a dealer says or infact anyone for that matter, you really need to hear for you're self and then decide.

Edit : I also forgot to mention i am sure another member on this forum " Robfitzp " is useing an SMP1200C with a pair of Wilson Benesch Curves :)


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probably at the bottom end of the market you are considering, but the MA GS60's work very nicely off Chord amps.....


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The Chord's an interesting amp, I know a friend of mine who uses a Chord power amp with a pair of 801's and he's a very happy camper.

I have heard both the top end Chario speakers and the Hyperion HPS-938's with Chord power amps to very good effect, so don't just go for the obvious one's like the Wilson's and the Wilson Benesch.

I would personally disagree with Tim with regards to the Focal JMLab Be's or the Elektra Be's, these can be an amazing speakers, but the Chord is not reticent in the high frequencies, and the Focal's can be a shade forward, so I would be careful, likewise the ML Vantage is a fantastic speaker, I own a pair, but I would not recommend these with the Chord amp, the Vantage's are just so wide open that the slightest forwardness will be punished.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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