Advise on changing AVR 1907 to AVC A1D


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I have an oputinity to purchase an AVC AID from a friend, reading up this appears to be a old flagship model released arround 10 years ago.

I currently run a Denon AVC 1907 though MA Radius 270 fronts, 225 Centre 90 Rears with a Bk xls200 sub.

The amp is used for DD / DTS for std def DVD via Denon DVD 2910 and general tv viewing.

My initial thoughts.

Would the speakers be able to cope with the higher 140w per channel that the a1d outputs

With it increased power would the older flagship amp improve the sound even with the fairly modest Monitor Audio speakers

Is the older amp missing any newer tehnology that I would actually miss.

Any thoughts / advise is appreaciated


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Hi I have had a similar experience upgrading from a Denon 1906 or it might have been a 1907 to an A10SE. I had low to midrange mission speakers and there was a huge quality jump. The A1D I think came out before the A10SE so I'm not sure about missing out on features. I think one thing it wont have is the video up conversion from svid to component. It might be worth seeing if you can test it out before you part with your money if it’s a good mate.


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Thanks for the reply

I don't pass the video through the amp.

Looks as if the A1D lacks any form of auto set up, would it be possible for me to use the settings ie distance / channels levels etc that the 1907 has measured.

Any others A1D owners out there with opinions on the amp.



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hi there ive just purchased 1 of these denon avc a1d and it is the dogs under carrage.i paid 180 pound second hand for mine it looks like new the only thing was the selector dial on the front was missing when i picked it up oh and no remote either.when i got it home and had a look over it i noticed where the selector dial was missing i turned the dial and it had no feel of changing modes i had to take the whole front of to get to the back of the dial pot when i looked at it the 4 legs that keep it to the circuit board had come away so i soughted out the legs and made the dial work properly the i had to put the whole front back this took some time to do but what i did do was also clean the inside of it aswell the monurail has two fans so i de-dusted them.all in all i fixed the selector dial anyway not to say if the seller new about it or not any way i looked at my old technics pre cap power amp that had blow up last week (i had it for 12 years)i took it of the selector dial on it and put it on the denon it fitted perfectly so what i did then was pull of the volume dial of the technic amp and put that on the denon looks even better the the denons im happy with my denon avc a1d amp.the remote to relplace is lots over a hundred pounds. oh i dont care my technics pre cap power dident have a remote any way just input seletor a b speaker switches base and trebale knobs and big volume knob which is now on my denon wicked i like it i now have enoutgh buttons switches and dials on the front of this denon to look like a space-ship.the denon avc a1d is extremaly nice amp what ever your going to use it for it will do the job.lots of power 10/10

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i am running my mission speakers coulpled up to denon avc a1d they are 150 w max input the amp is running nice to these speakers i will be purchasing speakers next year at 300 w max input the denon will handle these good aswell i wouldent connect any thing less then 150 w speakers to the main output on my denon at all.

The Kensta

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get that denon avc a1d there built like a tank what a nicely made unit that has power like the national power grid. i think it out does yamahas dsp amps and outher maybe 6- 7 -10 years old it doesent matter they dont make these any more get one if you can there in-destrutable live forver not like outher brands that pack up after 2 or 3 years.these amps if looked after will last for many years to come.:smashin:

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