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Advise on cables for my new Pio 435 xde

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Gaz C, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Gaz C

    Gaz C

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    Firstly I want to thank many of you out there on this forum, as your advise and experiences played a major part in my first dive into the world of plasma.

    After finally winning over the missus (or breaking her down with constant plasma rambling!) I decided to go for the Pio 435 xde and it's being delivered on Monday. Now for Newbie mode - I currently have a normal sky digi box, samsung dvd/vhs combi and will want to hook up my son's ps2 and my PC.

    PLease can any one give me advise on what are the best cables to buy and any advise on our I should set it up with my current hardware.

    Intend on upgrading to Sky+ 160, a decent DVD Recorder (not HDD) and home entertainment system in the new year when I finally get the reddies together! No doubt these forums will be as equally helpfull when coming to make those desicions in 2005.

    Any replies to this post and any replies from current Pio 435 xde owners with any advise will be greatly received!!

    many thanks,


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