Advise on best big plasma without abl for PC


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Have a 55st50 which is brill for tv and movies but not for PC due to abl dimming etc and the tv generally not being very bright.
I need advise any which TV plasmas are the brightest and may not have abl.
I tried LCD tv but crap for everything else other than PC.


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As far as I know, all plasmas have ABL.

Your best bet is either upgrading to an ST60, which offers slightly better brightness before ABL kicks in, or a Samsung F8500 with the latest firmware. I would definitely recommend going to a local showroom with a HDMI-equipped laptop or other portable device before purchasing though. (The showroom may be able to arrange this out for you - call them and ask)


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Thanks very much for the useful information.
I read up about the new Samsung, looks good, just very expensive which is shame.
Will wait a few months I think lol.

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