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advise on amp to drive pearl mordent shorts


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I have a set of Mordent Short pearl40 fronts, Pearl20 rears and a T1000 centre speaker and I feel I'm having a little trouble driving them properly. The data on the back states the 40's will take 300w the rear 20's 200w and the centre gives no info.
I have a cheap sony amp that can only muster 80w per channel and although I don't want much more volume I would like more clarity on powerful scenes in movies. When I heard the speakers they were all set up in a demo room so the room layout may have helped but I have to turn the amp up to 35 to get any real power for big films and if I go to 30 it starts to distort, not horribly but some of the crisp sound dissapears. I don't know if this is a speaker or amp issue? I have very little sound system knowledge so please explain in simple terms :rolleyes:

I know I could do with a small sub but as the fronts are 3 cone towers they produce a good solid base but can't produce that real low frequency so I would also like some advise on what sub I will hear/feel. I tried a small marantz at about £150 but the Mordents dround it out without any effort really.

So I'm on the search for a solid performing amp that will drive these speakers and an additional sub to help with the real low end. sub budget of about £250 and amp no more than £600. Feel free to be honest and tell me if I'm expecting too much for the current budget. I'd rather save longer and get better than waste hard earned dollar. The speakers set me back just under 1k. I bought them about 9/10 years ago before Richer sounds took over so they are the original hand build cabinets if that helps.

cheers for any help.


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Can anyone advise me of an AV amp that outputs 150w+ per channel then as they all seem to be about 120 or less

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