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Hi there,

I need to buy a digital camera that can take good picture at night or really low night condition. Need has large optical zoom range and 3Mega Pix or above. Please recommend.



When taking pictures at night you need a good quality CCD and a powerful flash. This normally means useing an external flash, as those built in will do little more than a couple of meters.
I own an old Minolta Dimage 7 and would recommend the new version of this. It has a hot shoe for connecting another flash and is very good quality and has a large 7x optical zoom (don't go for digital zoom as this reduces picture quality).
It all depends on what you are taking picture of and your budget.



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Most cameras have flash. But some have extended esposure (sometimes called bulb photography) for taking night shots without flash.Several cameras go up to and beyond 15 seconds that are a lot cheaper than the minolta!!!!

For night shots without flash you need to consider how good the camera is at noise reduction as this impacts the quality of an image at low light

There are several advantages to tis such as capturing reflections of lights in water, getting streaky lights from moving vehicles, etc.

Also some cameras offer slow synch, where you get a long exposure for the background and a fill in flash for the subject.

Also some cameras offer first and second shutter synching of the flash.

it all depends what you want to do at night or shouldnt I be asking that!?!?


I've been using a Sony DSC F707 for night photography without flash.. I assume that's what you were asking about in your initial post, long exposures for night pix..

anyway, this camera has up to 30 seconds of shutter.. and it's very low noise compared to some.. I've been fiddling about with night shots and it's impressed me..

this one is a 5 megapixel camera but not terribly expensive compared to most of them..

good luck



Many thanks to all replied to my question, the Sony DSC F707 is quite suitable for me. I think I will but that one. Thanks.

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