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Hello everyone right im thinking of getting the panasonic pt ae900e from here for £840 quid what i think is a decent price

And i was thinking of this fixed screen

For the distance the projector will be away from the screen i will have to zoom 1.5 times i was just woundering if i will lose any quality in the picture or will it be fine and does any one know if these screens are anygood

And will i be better to paint the wall behind the screen black as its white at the min

thanks :smashin:

Peter Parker

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The zoom can make a difference in various ways, but as has been said elsewhere, you may not notice the difference (but you could measure it with a light meter).

Painting as many walls black or dark non reflective colours will help with the ANSI contrast - this is the contrast between light and dark images which are shown simultaneously on the screen (like a bright moon in a night sky). Dark walls stop the bright light bouncing from the screen and off the walls and back onto the screen, where it can wash out colour saturation and reduce shadow detail.



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Thanks for that Gary :thumbsup:

does anyone know if the screen im thinkin of will do the trick for me i will be using it for dvds me xbox 360 and to watch football on it


Mr Rather Rude

the screen seems sound, i'm looking for something similar, only i need a 7 foot one... I'll be using it for the same - 360 dvds footy etc
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