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Danny 87

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Hello all,

This is my first post on AV Forums, I thank you for your help.

First of all this is my setup:

Media source: PC, with r9 290x double dissipation graphics card.
Receiver: Pioneer SC-82 (Connected to PC with HDMI)
Projector: Epson 5030UB
Center Speaker: Definitive Technology 8040HD
Front: Technics SB-2840 x2
Side: Panasonic SB AK-70 x2
Rear: Pioneer CS-G204 x2
Sub 1: Velodyne CT120
Sub 2: SW 1010

I am having trouble deciding what is the best output mode when watching films. Every movie that I am playing is either a Blu Ray, MKV or disc image.

90% of the time when I select auto surround DTS shows as the default. I would go through the menu to select either Pro Logic II X Movie or Dolby Digital ES to find what I thought was the best listening experience.

In the pursuit of perfection, I am no longer sure what is the correct output mode to use. The manual was not so clear. Here is a link to the manual and output modes are listed on page 56.

Can you please help me with the following questions:

1, Is there a hierarchy of what is the best sound format by default? When I watched the 09 Star Trek film there was a DTS HD soundtrack that sounded great.

2, If the blu ray I am watching only has DTS what output should I switch to for the best 7.2 processing?

3, I may be mistaken but I think that the majority of the films are recorded in 5.1 only. Is is best to leave the film in its native sound format?

Thank you for your help




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Use auto, which will switch depending on your in put audio source
This means when you have DD/DTS at the in put it will switch accordingly.When you have a stereo signal use the remote to up mix .


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As above.
If Dts keeps coming up in auto mode that's because the movie was mastered in Dts so will usually sound best by using the Dts decoder and it sounds like you have been switching it to the dolby digital decoders...unnecessary.
Most Bluray will have an HD soundtrack....usually Dts hd master audio or dolby digital true hd. I think your auto setting will generally be best until you get more familiar with your system and what the different decoders can do but by all means play around and experiment.

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