advise needed buying new gaming monitor

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:lease: adivse on new gaming monitor mainly playing world of warcraft and light internet use ebay forums etc ( no work requirements ) and not too bothered about films
needs to go with new gaming system looking at gtx460 minimum spec graphics card
Will be be seated directly in front of monitor 18-24" away max and space for 24" monitor max
Budget £250-£350
replacing old 17"iiyama big heavy lump thingy so as you can see totally out of the times atm :blush:
been looking at the new 3d 24" lcd's just for response rates ( will not be wearing glasses or using 3d ) just utilising as good fast response 2d gaming monitor or are the 2d lcd screens just as good ? 3d 120hz just a gimick :confused:
awaiting help:)
cheers Andy :thumbsup:


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The BenQ LED VA EW2420 monitor is very good. 24", well within your budget and a knockout monitor at 1080p. Would be perfect for light-use and films if you ever wanted to.

As for gaming, it is not the best though. Slow response time, can give off a motion-blur effect sometimes but only during FPS or other fast-paced games and when you're in that kind of action it is barely noticeable unless you're concentrating on it; which you shouldn't be. As for WoW, RPGS, strategy games, this monitor won't suffer and I recommend it highly :)

But it does have its faults obviously.

Alternatively, I like LG's, but these are more expensive and not as good as a VA monitor which has incredible picture quality.
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