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Hey all.

Recently I've been doing research into sound systems and soundbars. I'd become set on a sound system (5.1) because I've been collecting Blu-rays for years and of course the majority of them come with 5.1 HD audio, and I wasn't getting that audio quality through my atrocious TV speakers (my TV is a 47" LG45LW0U for reference).

However, after some long consideration, as much as I'd like the sound system, I can't but feel it would be wasted in my flat as it's not particularly big and we have multiple neighbours that I would rather not upset with a huge and loud 5.1 system.

So I think I've decided on a soundbar. I think a 2.1/3.1 would be fine, with a separate subwoofer. Ideally I'd like it to have several HDMI inputs and one output with the ability to passthrough 3D, plus the ability to decode HD audio formats like DTS HD MA, Dolby TrueHD, etc.

Plus you must be able to discern dialogue clearly, my main gripe with TV speakers is the dialogue being muffled in with the rest of the audio and constantly having to adjust the volume whenever something really loud happens.

Can anyone suggest something like that for me, preferably below the £200~ pricerange?

Thanks for your time!


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this isn't busiest of places matey unfortunately

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