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Just a quick message for the speaker experts...

I recently purchased a Marantz SR5400 amp and Panasonic Ae500 projector, just need to complete the setup with some reasonable speakers.

I have shortlisted the following speakers -

Front - ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGIS EVO 3 SPEAKERS - any of you guys tried these, looks like a good offer from superfi (£250)

Centre - ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGIS EVO CENTRE SPEAKER - would this be "toned" and matched for the fronts? (£99)

Rear - MISSION M5DS REAR SPEAKERS - prefer discete rears, would these sound totally out of sync with the fronts? (£170)

All the above will be installed in my loft 14ft by 19ft

Questions -

1. Will the above speakers produce good sound for homecinema (100% of my viewing)

2. Which other alternative speakers do you recommend (similar cost please)

3. Is it worth adding another set of rears for 7.1 (when I upgrade the amp), should I keep the rears the same

4. I am concerned the Marantz 5400 may be under-powered or cannot produce suffient output

5. All the speakers seem to be 8ohm, is this a good thing?

Finally I am totally open to your suggestions or ideas, have I picked the correct speakers for my amp and room size?

Sorry for all the questions, Im a newbie



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Firstly welcome to the forum:)
1. Yes they will but I'd still go to a local dealer to see what other makes have to offer. One set is not necessarily better just different and you need to find the character that appeals to you. What floats your boat might sink mine.
2. Alternatives are Kef Q series, B&W 600 series 3, Mission M30 series amongst others. Don't write off standmounts as these can compete with cheaper floorstanders in performance terms imo.
3. I have gone to 6.1 with the addition of a rear centre wich does improve the rear effects movement in movies so would say it's a worthwhile investment. You'd have to decide for yourself though.
4. The amp should be ok driving those speakers but I'd advise you try and buy an amp that has pre-outs so you can add an integrated amp at a later date to drive your fronts and offer improved stereo performance.
5. 8 Ohms means that the speakers are fairly easy to drive (4 ohms being quite hard by all accounts and benefit from more powerfull amplification).

overall I'm sure you'll be happy with the results you'd get from that set up and it would complement the rest of your kit nicely. I'd definately take a trip to your local dealer though just to give you a better idea of what is on offer rather than buying blind. I see no mention of a subwoofer in your list. You'll be missing out on the .1 channel if you don't get one. Subwoofers add a whole extra dimension to the movie experience and is a must imo. I'd not spend <£300 on a sub to complement that set up. Have a look around for some posts on subs as this subject is always being discussed.

hope that helps:)


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