Advice with replacing a BT Openreach FTTC modem


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I'm looking for a bit of advice, I had FTTC installed many years ago and the BT engineer set up an Openreach modem as part of that. I understand these are now out of support, and it must be a good 7 years old now. I have that linked to a mesh router, with 2 other devices around the house. It all works fine, except that over the last few years my speeds have consistently dropped.

When it was first set up I would run speeds tests which showed about 71mbps on an "up to 76mbps" set up. I was happy with that. These days I get around 50mbps. It's not a huge difference and I can happily stream 4k without problem, but when I spoke to an agent at my ISP (plusnet) he suggested the modem might be the culprit as they are no longer supported and new customers are sent a single modem/router devices.

Are there any suggestions on a reasonably priced modem replacement (or modem/router device) that I can still connect to my mesh kit?



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Very unlikely to be that modem but the best way to find out is buy another on eBay and swap them. At least then you have a spare. Much easier to blame kit than admit line speed is down.


Your lower speeds - especially if a gradual reduction over time - are most likely down to crosstalk at the FTTC cabinet, which is interference from other FTTC lines. Absolutely nothing you can do about this.

So chances are using a different modem won't improve speeds, or only give you a marginal increase of a few Mb/s. I wouldn't bother.
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I've been in touch with my ISP who are sending me their newest hub device, may not make any difference, but at least it's their latest kit. I agree though, it's likely the sheer number of people sharing connections at my nearest box. FTTP might come to my area this year, fingers crossed.


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Bet you find it less reliable.

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