Advice wanted please ?


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Not 100% sure but i thought all lost and stolen phones are now blocked nowadays and the only way to get them to work on any networks is get the imie number changed,which of course is illegal.


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Er, what has been done is already fraud so I don't suppose a bit of illegal phone reprogramming will bother the OP too much.

I can't undrstand why the P900 'had' to be reported as lost?


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Not only has a fraudulant insurance claim been made but dear old Mackster has informed the whole world of his actions. Also, just for good measure, he has given his phone model, location & real name. I guess it's just as well for him that the local Rochester constabulary, network operators & insurers never look at this forum!

I'm thinking of robbing a bank next week but keep it to yourelves, it's a secret....


Ok so I made a mistake, I hope nothing comes of it, maybe a mod can help me out and remove my post ?

A lost phone, the missis walked out on me and I had someone wipe out my motor from behind, what else can they throw at me this last weekend ! Lets hope next weekend I dont die

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