Advice wanted on old iMac options


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Have an old late 2009 entry level iMac 21.5 that I no longer need.

Find that it has slowed down a bit over the last few years with later OS and the fact that we now have the HDD pretty full.

What would be a reasonable price for selling it? And what would be an easy way of doing this?

Alternatively would a RAM upgrade and even SSD make it a worth while machine to give to a family member (looking at Crucial both would be around £100-150) or would the cost of upgrade and original machine be better spent on another second hand option?


What OS is it running and what can it be upgraded to?

I think the max RAM for yours is 16GB, so that and a 250/500GB SSD and it'd be super quick and probably just as good as the current iMac offerings, but for hell of a lot less outlay £££ wise!


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It was running the latest version (Mountain Lion I think) prior to the last update.

I do wonder if the new OS's are the reason it has slowed down? Can you install an older version at all?

In the end I wanted a 27" retina screen so have gone for the 3.3 with the 2TB drive (highest standard spec) with the view that an entry level machine has performed well for 6 years, a higher spec machine should at least do the same if not better.

Just wondering options for what to do with the old one.

1) Sell as is (eBay / Gumtree / AVF classified)

2) Give it away to a family member as is

3) Upgrade it and sell it

4) see if the family member wants to pay for the upgrade to keep it (risk is that something goes wrong with it soon after I suppose)


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Upgrades and selling can be a bit of a double edged sword, one hand its stock, so nothing special, then the other, its had an ssd installed, which means its been tamperd with!!
What can you do??
the easiest is to just sell as stock, i reckon about £300-£400, being the 2011 models go for about £500, personally, id keep it and upgrade it, new SSD, bigger HDD, run Fusion, drop a bit of RAM on it.
Youd get a pretty quick desktop, with a nice 1080p screen, for not too much cash, and a little uscrewing screws.
Some people prefer the older imacs due to the fact they are user replacable,(with a screwdriver and a little bit of bottle).
Take a bit of time and upgrade it yourself, see how it goes, then if its a no-goer, sell it, at the very least youll get the cash back for the SSD etc....


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I don't have a need for it as I have a new mid 15 27" 3.3 2TB iMac ready to go, so want to move it on.

If I can get £350 for it I will happily sell it on as is and recoup some of the recent outlay. The alternative of spending £100 and then giving it away is probably more machine (£400-500) than my sister would be bothered with.

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