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Advice wanted on amp output and speaker wattage...


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Awaiting delivery of my Yamaha 2600, but am in 2 minds over the speaker package, and want some advice....

I got a great deal on a JMLabs package, reduced from £1150 to £800, but am worried that the 130w amp, may be a bit too much for the speakers...

714s Maximal power handling with musical program 90W
705s Maximal power handling with musical program 65W
cc70s Maximal power handling with musical program 80W

Now Im not sure what "with musical program" refers to, but do this figures not seem a little weak for such a powerful amp...???

Would greatly appreciate any advice, before I take delivery next week.... As I bought the amp at the same time, Im sure the geezer in the shop knew what he was doing, but Im a bit concerned, should I be??



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its generally better for the amp to be more powerful than the speakers rating......damage is more likely if you underpower the speakers...

besides, very few AV amps can output their quoted power once all channels are being driven...lol, normally the wattage drops...

thats not to say you shouldnt be careful tho, however i think the speakers you are talking about shouldnt have a problem, the sort of mismatch you should avoid is something like a pair of cheap little satellite speakers you get bundled with a television being hooked up to an amp like the one you mention, those could well get blown up...lol

however, so you know, i run a pair of Monitor Audio GR10's, rated at 100w, on a 250wpc amp....no problems, however i cant put the volume control all the way around, if i did i'd damage them...lol...


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Totally agree with previous statement, once the power output is greater than the speakers the less chance of clipping occurring and that is the main one for damaging your apeakers. Anyway the amp only draws 500watts so split amounst 7 channels it will never hit full output, you would be lucky to get 350-400watts all channels driven.


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Thank you very much for that reassurance... I was sure the geezer in the shop wouldnt have sold me a setup that could potentially have probs.. but the info you provided is very helpful....


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