Advice: Wall Mount 65" Samsung Q90-Chimney Breast?


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Hi folks,
I've had a good search and read on the forums at a lot of projects involving a false chimney breast, but couldn't really find one exactly like my situation, so wanted to post and get some advice.

At the moment we have an old tiled fireplace fixed to the wall with a ceiling pelmet above containing our manual projection screen. The fireplace isn't used and looks pretty tired to be honest. When we installed the projector and screen I battened the wall around the fireplace and brougt the wall out a couple of inches, running cables etc in the void.

Later on, we bought the 65"Q90 and I built a tv unit that slid over the hearth part of the fireplace, to hide it, and the TV itself hides most of the fireplace from view, but is far from ideal. The plan always was to wall mount the TV in a way that the screen could come down in front of it when in use. I am playing with 2 options, and wanted some advice as to which way to jump.

Option 1 : Wall mount TV on existing stud wall, using Samsung no gap wall mount.:
-Cut section of existing plasterboard out to fix additional battens to the brick wall to give fixing for TV mount.
-Replace plasterboard section, paper etc. (area hidden by Tv)
-Fix no gap wall mount, running one connect cable behind wall to rack.
-Remove screen and replace with motorised screen, to ensure it now comes down in front of TV (changing pelmet accordingly)
-Box in old fireplace and hearth, vent and make surround. Removing the fireplace is not an option due to the damage removing concrete fireplace and hearth would do to the wall and floor.
-Mount electric fire, only for flame effect-no heat, running cables behind boxing.

Option 2 : Build out fake chimney breast, width of TV, covering all of fireplace that is attached to the wall, running up to pelmet.
-Fasten frame to existing stud wall, and concrete fireplace. Probanly about 5-6inches out from stud wall.
-Plasterboard chimney breast down to, and around existing hearth.
-Mount TV on to surface of chimney breast using Samsung no gap wall mount (could move TV a bit lower with this option as not restricted by concrete fireplace on wall)
-Run one connect cable behind chimney breast, to rack.
-Install motorised projector screen, altering pelmet.
-Mount electric fire, only for flame effect-no heat, running cables behind chimney breast.

The issues:
-In the past, I've normally mounted TVs either directly onto the brick wall, or onto battens fastened to the brick wall. Given this TV is the largest and heaviest we've had, I wonder is it safe to be fastening it to the stud work that is further out from the wall, or is it more secure with option 1?
-If I go with the chimney breast option, I can mount the TV at pretty much any height we'd like. Above the existing fireplace may be a little high, though not a major issue as the seats are power recliners so can recline to any angle.
-By going with the chimney breast option, we only have to separately cover the hearth, by building an new hearth cover. Option 1 would mean boxing in the whole fireplace that is fixed to the wall, and I suspect wouldn't be as clean.
-Option 2 would mean that the TV and projection screen are a few inches closer than option 1, but not sure that would make much difference.

I guess I'm just looking to bounce the ideas off someone. The many issue I'm concerned about it how secure the
would be with Option 2, but I'd appreciate any advice at all on either option from folks who may have done the whole fake chimney breast option before.

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