Advice: Turning off amp makes popping sound come out of speakers

Oliver Henry Evans

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Hello all

First post: I’ve been experiencing some issues and need some advice!

My setup: 5.1 system comprising of: 5x B&W M1 Mk2 speakers, 1x BK Electronics XLS200 subwoofer connected to a Sony DG820 (old I know but couldn’t afford to upgrade). I have connected them up to my Sony XF9005 TV connected to the via an optical cable and I have an original Xbox One also connected to the amp via HDMI.

Problem: For a few weeks, I’ve noticed that every time I turn off my receiver (which is turned off/on when my TV is as it is connected using ‘Bravia Sync’) the speakers make a popping sound. It isn’t loud but you can hear it well enough. I’m concerned this means the ‘muting circuit(?)’ has broken and every time I turn my receiver on and off I am a) damaging my speakers a bit and b) running the risk of the amp failing and damaging my setup. The issue is still there even when the volume is at 0 and I have tried disconnecting all inputs and the problem persists.

Does this sound true to anyone or am I talking rubbish here? Is there a solution to this which means I don’t have to buy a new receiver? (not really in a position to buy a new receiver). Would greatly appreciate some insight from someone!

Thanks so much,


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There might be actually problem with your av receiver.It should cut speaker relays first and half a seconds later, main power relay. Sounds like both relays are being switched off at the same time.Main microprocessor controls relays, so perhaps reset to factory settings will help.

Oliver Henry Evans

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Update: Sadly, that did not work. Did the factory reset and the popping is still present. No change. Thanks again for the suggestion though!

Oliver Henry Evans

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Bump - update: I have tried waiting for periods of time after turning off all other devices I have connected to the receiver to let it settle before turning it off and sometimes this seems to result in no audible popping noise coming from all 5 channels but tonight I probably waited a couple of minutes before turning it off and the pop noise was back and definitely louder than before! Can anyone shed some light on this?

This is not an issue I’ve always had with this receiver and it has started happening in the last few months, is this something to be concerned about?

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