Advice sought regarding Image Retention (Screen Burn-In) on LG C7

I currently own an LG C7 55 inch TV which I purchased in March 2018. About a month ago, I began to notice that there is a rectangular area in the middle of the screen that appears to be permanently burned-in to the image displayed. It's most visible against bright backgrounds, for example bright red and green. I'm using a red theme on my PS4 for example, and the burn-in is visible whenever I bring up the main PS4 menu. It's not severe, but it's enough for me to notice and it's annoying me and affecting my viewing enjoyment. The burn-in is also quite prominent during the start-up screen on my Xbox One, where a bright green image is displayed. I was also playing Last of Us 2 on my PS4 earlier, and the burned-in rectangle was visible during a section of the game which featured the sun setting in the background. It's a rectangle shaped area in the centre of the image that covers around one-third of the area of the screen.

Unfortunately, the TV is out of warranty. The TV only comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty from LG as standard. I did not purchase an extended warranty from the retailer where I purchased the TV (Currys). I've opened a support ticket with LG, but I'm expecting they will respond and say an out-of-warranty repair will cost a significant amount of money. I followed all guidance to prevent burn-in, including not allowing static images to remain on the TV for a prolonged period and running pixel refresh regularly, but unfortunately it seems those efforts have not proven effective in preventing image retention/burn-in occurring. Had I known burn-in was likely (or inevitable) after barely more than 2 years of use, I would not have purchased the TV.


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its not burn in , its a panel / software old C7 had it..... they changed the panel with no quibbles. Hopefully LG will help... its barely 2years old.


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