Advice sort, please.


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Firstly, i would like to say hello,

Now for the reason for the post.

I'm thinking of purchasing a HD DVD recorder, but would like to know if it is possible to connect a vhs machine to it in order to allow me to copy some stuff directly to HD or to Disk, This is NOT copyright protected material.

Or would i connect to the television and record from the screen, I'm not big tech head, so please be gentle and if poss keep things as simple as poss.




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you're not buying a HD DVD recorder, you're buying a HDD/DVD recorder (HD means High Definition, HDD means Hard Disc Drive, make sure you don't confuse the terminology).

yes you can connect a VCR (or Sky/cable box, camcorder etc.) to any DVD recorder, whether it has a HDD or not, all the recorder needs is a spare scart socket.

the advantage of a recorder with a HDD is that you can transfer all the footage to it first, edit if necessary (remove unwanted bits) then transfer it to a blank DVD. that's advised over transferring directly to blank disc.

by having the direct connection between recorder and source (VCR in your case), you can still use your TV to watch something else while the recording is happening, it is not copying "from the screen" if you get what i mean. so say you have Sky or cable, you can still watch those even though you're copying something from VCR to the recorder.

if you only conencted the recorder to the TV (so no direct connection between recorder and VCR), then it would be recording whatever was on-screen, so you wouldn't be able to watch something else, so the direct connection is what you should do.


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Thanks for that Muksc, very helpful and i understood it all :smashin:, i didn't notice the typo on the HD/HDD bit, but i am aware it's the later i require.

Once again, Cheers.



most recorders have scart input on the back and composite phono on the front , so connection of a vcr is dead easy and allows transfer from video tape to hdd or to dvd quite easily using phono leads or using a scart lead

so easy , cheap to do and can be done with good results

I use the sony 970 for this but an 870 or 770 would easily suffice , or the panasonic or pioneer recorders too

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