Advice sort, on imenent plasma purchase.


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Finally got round to posting after watching the forum for some time.

I'm looking at purchasing a Panasonic, or Fujitsu 42 inch plasma to finish off my home cinema. However looking for a last bit of advice from everyone in here.

I have a Denon 3803 amp that up converts video(composite and svideo) to component. Only realy want one cable to hide to the pannel.

Looking at the best way to connect up my telewest digi box to this amp. Looking at the JS rgb converters is the component one that much better than the cheaper svideo one, then let the amp up convert to componet.

DVD will be component to amp and amp to pannel or direct.

Any comments appricated.


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RGB to Component should be better than RGB down to SVHS then up again to Component... if you will watch mainly Digi TV then it's worth the extra IMO.
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