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If have some speakers I would like to sell on the forum, but I had no idea what price I should ask. I have used the forum search facility and Google but found very little.

Can anyone suggest approximate values?

Paradigm Monitor 9 (pair)
Paradigm Monitor 7 (pair)
I don't know which series these are, but they are black and manufactured in Canada.

Paradigm centre speaker - there is no model number on this or country of manufacture, but it has two "main" speakers and a tweeter.

I also have a Rel Starta ii sub woofer that I can't find a value for.

If I do sell these I will buy new stereo hi-fi speakers. Alternatively I could keep the 9's for stereo and sell the rest.

Thanks for any advice



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First is it safe to assume you are in the UK or at least in the EU? If not that complicates things.

There are several Paradigm MONITOR model and version. Can you find a photo of your specific speakers here -

It seems the two variations either have Black bass drivers or they have somewhat clear Poly bass drivers.

Next, can we assume the goal is to move from a Surround Sound system to a Stereo system?

Next, generally how satisifed are you with the Paradigm 9's in front? Are they lacking in someway that you would like to improve? In general Paradigm are pretty impressive speakers. I certainly would not get rid of them unless I was sure I could get something better.

As to what they are worth. Generally you find the original or current actual selling price new, then cut that in half, then adjust for condition and desirability. There are some components that are so desirable they actually cost more used than they did new. Sometimes, substantially more.

As the price rises above 50%, it become more and more tempting to just buy new speakers.

The current Paradigm Monitor 9's are about £999/pair. Which means you could probably get £500 to £650/pr for yours.

Paradigm Monitor 9

The Paradigm Monitor 7's are are £799/pr.

Paradigm Monitor 7

There are FIVE Paradigm Monitor Center speakers ranging from £349 up to £999. You have to decide which of the current models is closest to yours. Likely you have the Monitor CC-190 (£349) or the Monitor CC-290 (£549) as can be seen in the links below -

Paradigm Monitor CC-190

Paradigm Monitor CC-290


So, let's add that up -

£999/pr = Monitor 9
£799/pr = Monitor 7
£349/ea = Monitor CC-190
£2147 = Total

£999/pr = Monitor 9
£799/pr = Monitor 7
£549/ea = Monitor CC-290
£2347 = Total

That means the used price will run from about £1075 to about £1175. Though in good condition, it could be about £1395 to about £1525 for the set minus the Subwoofer. (I'm assuming a price range of 50% to 65% of the current prices.)

So, again the question is, does that provide you with enough money to exceed the existing Monitor 9 speakers, or to buy equivalent speakers that more suit your personal taste?

As to the REL Sub, you would have to look up the details on it and get some sense of the original price. In generally, REL makes highly regarded Subs, though I have no specific information on the one model. It does seem to have a 10" down firing bass driver with a 40 liter cabinet and a 60w RMS amp. The STRATA III sold for about £600, but I haven't fond specific prices on the Strata-II model. Given the specs, I wouldn't expect much more than £200, though I can't confirm that.

So, back to the Monitor 9's, how good do you feel they are? Are they worth more to sell or to keep?



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That's a great answer. Thank you for taking the time.

Yes, I am in the UK, so all of your answers are valid.

Yes, I do want to move to a stereo system. I am happy with the sound of the front speakers when used in stereo, though I don't have enough experience for a comparison with other speakers so it's good that you have confirmed that keeping the fronts for stereo is a valid option.

So, I'll be keeping the front speakers and selling the others and buying a new stereo amp with the funds raised.

Thank you again for your answers.


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