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I am looking to purchase a relatively low cost home cinema/music solution.

I have been considering a Sony DAV550...

But now i am wavering a bit - i already have a panasonic dvd - so could just go for an amp and a speaker package - then upgrade my dvd later when funds allow.

I need a small - sub-sat type speaker config - what about the Mission FS1's? And has anyone got a suggestion reagarding an amplier to partner these speakers - around the £300 mark? (i would like a silver finish - and DPLII)

Opinions would be welcome - would there be a great deal of difference in quality between a DAV and some thing along the lines of FS1 with a £300 amp and a 2 year old pannie dvd? I want fairly reasonable home cinema/general tv use as well as reasonable musical ability.

Are there any other amps/speakers that i should be looking at with a budget of £700?



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