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We have just received our bespoke cabinet so no more little fingers (from my daughter) touching the equipment as they are behind closed doors.

Anyway we want to finish of our home cinema with a smallish screen for day-time viewing purposes.

I have the following sources:
1 x Sky + (soon to be replaced by FreeView); currently s-Video
1 x Progressive scan DVD player; component video
1 x Xbox; component video
1 x s-VHS Video recorder

Currently they are all connected via my AMP for video switching to my projector capable of 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p & 1080i; outputting on a 8ft wide screen.

In addition we currently have a 14" telly to which the Sky+ RGB scart is connected.....


What we want is have all sources on component video connected to both the projector and new to buy an LCD display preferably 22/23" wide screen.

So the questions are:
1. Which LCD screen can accept progressive scan and normal component inputs ranging from 480i up to 1080i.
2. What is the best way to connect Sky and the VCR. For Sky (or Freeview) I could get an rgb-component transcoder but as I have the VCR as well, should I get a deinterlacer/scaler instead? If so which one is recommended.
3. What is the best method of 'splitting' the component connections so I can keep both the LCD TV and the projector connected without changing cables. I quite like the Scancom unit that can matrix the connections; i.e. play Xbox on the big screen and my wife watches Coronation street on the LCD at the same time. Or are there better solutions.

I look forward to your advice.

Deleted member 27989

42 Views but no responses? I am that unique in my requirements ;-)

Deleted member 27989

Well it is actually not that bespoke. I have been trying for nearly a year to get a bespoke cabinet as I couldn't find one deep and wide enough to accomodate the home-cinema equipment. Also it had to match the rest of our cabinets which are all reclaimed pine. Most of the cabinet makers we talked to came up with all sorts of materials that were just plain ugly.

Last weekend we went to Ikea to get our home-office furniture and there we saw a cabinet that matched all our requirements. Not the £960 quoted, but only £75 pounds. A perfect colour match for our other furniture and the correct depth of the shelves and wide enough to fit two units next to each other. Also, something we specified for a bespoke one, the shelves stop short of the back, allowing for cable distribution, yet are still 600mm deep!!!!

A modification I made, was to drill on the side and install a Xantech remote control distribution system allowing correct operation from all angles with the doors shut.

We couldn't believe our luck, so now we quickly want to finish off our lounge to get everthing tidy, with an extra £885 in our pockets!!!

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