Advice required plz, looking to buy a Eltax Atomic 8 sub, any info welcome


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Hi, I have the chance of buying a Eltax Atomic 8 sub from Jit on the hardware sales forum, just need a bit of info beforfe I seal the deal.

My current set-up is:

Panasonic 36" W/S TV
Panasonic A350 & Pioneer 340 DVD players
Marantz SR4200 Reciever
Tannoy 636 Fronts
M/S 120 Centre
M/S Bipole rears

At present the Tannoys seem to lack punch on Movies, Fine in stereo for Music, hence the reason for looking for sub.

Budget is tight at present aswell, hence looking for a reasonable sub at a bargain price.

If anyone has any comments or actually has one, please share your experiences good or bad.




I've demo'ed them, and i wasnt impressed. I mean, for the money, they are ok. But if you want ground rumbling bass, this is not the way to go. I found that the max distortin-free output was adequate for a small room. This is probably the cheapest sub on the market. I think your set-up will over kill this sub.

The Best thing you could do is try it out....

Remember, you get what you Pay for (dont quote me on that! there are alot of exceptions!)

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