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One of my fave comics/movie series is Iron Man (so Hot Toys bringing everything out is a double edged sword for me!). As I’m only just in on this collecting thing I’ve missed the boat on all the marks 1 through 7 (and other stuff) on pre-release. Given how saturated the IM market is, I didn’t think IM stuff would hold its value well but they still go for surprisingly high amounts on ebay (as much a new HT figure most of the time, if not more). This makes me think I should pick up items like Igor and Heartbreaker because I’d like both of those figures but yet again missed the boat on the cheaper pre-order options (you can still pre-order in some places but they are the higher priced places) but I’m still thinking they might be cheaper to get later on via ebay.

My question really is: Am I being an idiot thinking I’ll be able to get them cheaper later on? It doesn’t appear to be the case with any other IM figure at the moment so I fear I might be missing the boat again!

If anyone has any advice here, I’d really appreciate it (if anyone has a preordered any IM stuff that they actually don’t really want or has some IM stuff they just want rid of, let me know, you might have a ready made buyer!! ;)).


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I'm afraid that in most instances the Ebay/2nd hand market for these is the last place to look as they go to insane levels for some (look up Hawkeye for an example) but others can hover around retail (Sweeney Todd / Sucker Punch Amber for example)

Your best bet is to look for the armours you like the most & get them.

Iron Patriot is just getting released so he shouldn't be too dear at the mo & should stay around retail for a while yet so could be a good start...

1/6 Hot Toys MMS195D1 Diecast - Iron Man 3 - Iron Patriot Freeship In Stock | eBay

Hertbreaker armour is still for pre-order with a few international Ebay sellers...

£176 delivered seems good to me & they are a very reputable seller.

£176 delivered for the Silver Centurion as well...

Hot Toys 1/6 MMS212 - Iron Man 3: Heartbreaker Mark XVII 17 | eBay

Starburst @ £167

Hot Toys 1/6 MMS214 STARBOOST MARK XXXIX 39 | eBay

MK42 is much more expensive due to Diecast at £270

Hot Toys 1/6 MMS197D02 Diecast Series - Iron Man 3: Mark XLII 42 | eBay

Igor is ridiculous though IMO at over £300!!! so would ignore that but the others should give you some good ideas & although not the classic Mk6 / Mk7 they are still very nice & will give you a lovely starting point IMO

HTH & welcome to the very slippery slope that is collecting Iron Man armour ;)
I started & gave up VERY quickly to move onto easier lines instead lol



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Wow, what an awesome response!! Thanks for taking the time to be so comprehensive!!!

I have the mark 42 on PO from a few months back where I managed to get an ok price with discount code off Zavvi. I also bagged a WM but I missed the boat on Igor because it was £285 on OSB which I probably would’ve gone for.

You are spot on in that the IM line is a bit daunting and I must say I’m a bit gutted to hear you say that it’s pretty much impossible to get a deal on items I’ve missed. I was wondering if the likes of Heartbreaker would fall in price because they aren’t really sought after items but given what you’ve said, they probably won’t so I should probably just stump up. The positive slant is that if they aren’t going to fall then I can always dispose of them in future in order to finance further purchases I suppose.

In honesty, I’m surprised HT haven’t announced a rerelease of the mk7 in diecast, you’d think they’d go for that as a “cash in” edition (I’d be on it).

Has anyone had any dealings with “Why So Serious” as a dealer? Are they reputable?


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I may end up being proved wrong but I don't see any of the IM3 stuff skyrocketing in value like the marks 1-7 have, reasons being;

1- there was that many different suits in IM3 with nearly all having a very minor role in the film, very different to the suits that appeared in IM, IM2 and the Avengers

2- I would hazard a guess a lot wanted a hall of armour set up which only applies to marks 1-7

UK sellers only sell out their PO allocation as they get limited amounts, if you can still PO via Sideshow in the states I reckon that's the best way judging really how popular an item is


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They are really good points, I think you might be right. Apart from the mk42 and IP, the other suits had only seconds of screen time which is what made me think I might be able to pick up heartbreaker/Igor later on, I can't see them being saught after items. Thanks Tommy, now I don't know what to do again!! Lol :facepalm:


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No problems buddy you are welcome.

I would agree with Tommy on a few things as well, the sheer amount of potential armours that can come from IM3 is mind boggling so I would concur that alot will remain around retail for a while.

I think your best bet would be to keep to maybe the ones you have on order already then pick your next best armour & get that so you definitely don't miss out or have to pay any premiums then worry about the rest later.



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Just be careful and don't jump on sale straight away. Take time see what's selling and what's not selling. many IM go well below people first asking price because most of the time its ridiculous in the first place


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Thanks for the advice, Bigpig. This thread has been so helpful to me, I really appreciate it.

I'll try my best not to jump on a sale, I'm not in any real rush here and I'm not hell bent on getting every armour or anything, I hope I can just build a collection of figures I like over the coming years. I'm trying to be chilled about it :cool: ... trying.. lol :rotfl:

many IM go well below people first asking price
I'm struggling to find those opportunities at the moment but I'll keep plugging away.

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