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Advice required on what to place this on?


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Guys, I've been looking everywhere for a decent stand for my Philips 58" 21:9 TV and all my other equipment. But I just can't decide on what would look best.

Attached is a picture of the current set-up to give you a rough idea as to how things look. The room is approx 16ft X 15ft.

The TV is 58"'s, along with a MASSIVE Onkyo 3008, Fat PS3, Oppo 93 and KEF Centre speaker.

My dilema / indecision is, do I buy a cabinet that's a similar width to the TV, which also will fit all my extra stuff? Or, do I go for something a little smaller in width, but will also fit all my extra stuff? Or, do I go for something a little wider than the TV, which will also fit all my stuff? OR do I go for a canti-lever and buy a separate hi-fi rack or similar for all my extra stuff? :rolleyes:

And this is why I require your advice, suggestions and help please :thumbsup:


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Try dwell or ikea for furniture type stands. Search for "ikea lack" might turn up some ideas. What is the rest of the furniture like? standanddeliver have a good selection of stands too. You might have trouble finding a furniture style stand that can house the receiver so it might be an idea to purchase a separate hifi rack. The gallery forum might have some ideas.


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Thanks davepuma.

I've had a look at the Ikea range but nothing really takes my liking.

I was hoping for some advice from the seasoned home cinema folk as to what my best options would be in regard to the style of stand to go for. Large, small, canti-lever etc :) What would look best?

Do I go for a large cabinet like this Jahnke Techno Board SL8152 Gloss Black TV Stand - Jahnke Studio Line TV Furniture - AV4Home

Or a small cabinet like this
Off-The-Wall Skyline 1000 Silver Plasma TV Stands

Or a cant-lever like this along with a separate AV unit for the amp etc
BDI VISTA 9960 TV Stands


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As I said, have a look in the gallery forum for ideas. You should find plenty of pics of TV's on various styles of unit. In the end, it's your opinion that counts. I personally wouldn't go on forum opinion for choosing furniture! I would say though that a large screen looks better when sited above a unit of similar length or wider. Those narrow units just look unbalanced to me.


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Thanks mate. I've scoured the Member Gallery and seen a few nice units. I just wanted to hear alternate opinions... if there were any :)

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