Advice required for Surround Sound Set-up


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Hi All,

I am soon planning to get a new TV to go with my PS3, but would also like a good surround sound system to go with it.

My knowledge in this area is quite low, so was hoping for some advice.

Basically I though it'd be best to get a package surround sound set-up, but have been unable to find one of these with two optical inputs, which is something I will require. Ideally I'd get one without a DVD player, as I just wouldn't use it.

Another option I've been looking at is getting a seperate amplifier/receiver, and then buying a set of speakers to go with it. I've been looking at the sony amps and they seem to have everything I need, but not sure what the quality of these are. Also what should I be looking when it comes to speakers?

I'd appreiciate any help and advice you can throw at me, I need to learn quick.



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Stating your budget and room size will help people to give you advice. Also what are your requirements? Just games and movies? Or will you be listening to music too?


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Sorry, forgot to mention so many things.

I'm looking to spend around £500, but will to spend more for the ideal set-up.
The room is about 3 metre square. And i'll be using it to output my PS3, so Games and movies, output for my TV and also to output my music from PC.

Hope I've remembered it all now.


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I just found the Sony HTSF1100, this would appear to have two optical inputs, but not much information is available.

Does any one this set-up? does it have two optical inputs? Is it a decent package?


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that would be classed,as an All-In-One,so ill move this to the All-in-Ones forum.
there are topics on that receiver in there.

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