Advice required for my Sony VAIO VGX-XL301 set up.


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I recently bought a Sony VAIO VGX-XL301 desktop media centre computer and linked it via HDMI to my Sony KDL40W2000U LCD TV. This works fine for films etc. but I have found that for general surfing and word processing etc. the screen is just too big so I have now linked it instead to my smaller 20" Sony KDL20S4000 - again via HDMI.

How can I connect both screens (both within the same room) to the desktop PC? The Sony VAIO VGX-XL301 only comes with one HDMI port.

Is a HDMI splitter the answer? Or will I lose signal strength?

How else can I connect one of the screens to the PC other than by using HDMI? Both screens have a standard VGA connection but this doesn't appear to be available on the back of the desktop PC.

Any ideas would be more than welcome and please note that I am certainly not an expert in this area!!!




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Hi MIke, I need some advice if poss. I recently purchased a vaio 301 off ebay but it came without the wireless antenna. i bought a cheap one off ebay and it doesnt seem to fit. What do i need to buy as im trying to set up a wireless connection?

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