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    I hope you will help me come to a descision reagarding replacing my old Toshiba DVD/HDD Recorder.
    I currently have a SONY wide screen TV, a Sony DVD Player, SKY+HD Box connected to sky with dual feeds and the old Toshiba DVD/HDD Recorder.
    I do not intend buying a 3D player/recorder as the TV is very new and we will not be replacing it.
    I have read through the sticky on Bluray and decided I would like to be able to play Blu-ray recordings both amatuer and commercial. I also would like to be able to record in HD from SkyHD and or Freeview HD.
    Having read some reviews and searched the internet I have not found a Sony Blu-ray HDD recorder everyone appears to be talking Panasonic which is a pity.
    Here is some of the things I would like to be able to do using the Blu-ray HDD recorder and player:
    • Resume play from an interruption on a Blu-Ray Disk or from the HDD recording.
    • Open and close the Blu-ray/Dvd disk tray via the remote handset.
    • Record in HD
    • Encode and record to Blu-Ray and/or Standard DVD Disks
    • Have a large HDD in the recorder
    • Ability to pause/skip forward & back when using the playback from the recorder - if possible with user adjustment of the time skipped. On my Tosh. I have it adjusted to skip forward 90secs and back 30secs. This helps in skipping the adverts.
    • Well designed user interface - some hope:rolleyes:
    Thanks for reading this. I am sure I have missed out lots of important issues but those I have listed are ones that have frustrated me in the past. I will take your advice and I am planning to buy after Xmas probably in Jan/Feb.:smashin:
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