Advice request on MA Silver center speaker


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Hi all,

I am in doubt wether to replace my center speaker and looking for some advice here.

Currently, I’ve 2 MA Silver 200 speakers, a KEF T301c center speaker and an Arendal 1961 1V sub on it’s way.
Because my TV can be made hidden because of a sliding door, I chose the KEF before upgrading the rest of my audio because it was so slim and would fit behind it.

Now after the upgrade I am thinking of also getting the MA Silver C250 center speaker, but I want it to be in the cabinet, not on top of it because of the looks.
I temporary moved the KEF into the cabinet and the speaker seems more localized than above it.

As the majority of the sound comes from the center, will I benefit a lot by the quality improvement of the Silver compared, even with perhaps more localization?
Or will localization be different anyway with such a better speaker?
Not sure what to expect or what to favor between the two options.

Thanks in advance for thinking along, appreciated!


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Looks bad. I wouldn´t place it so low and inside unit. You don´t have much of height available inside the unit to angle it shooting upwards toward ears. It can´t sound good shooting your shins. :( Your tv is mounted rather low but likely to due to T301c.

Have you tried running without centre by turning it off from av-receiver menu? That would mean most listening is done so that you sit dead centre to mains.

I would also push the S200s little bit forward if possible, they are now bit too close to front walls. Maybe at same level to av-unit (front edge)? It`s likely that you are using bungs now and might get away without them if you can bring them forward at least for AV use.


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Localization doesn’t improveby angling it more I’d guess?
Beste option to get it closer to the screen I guess.

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