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I have recently cancelled my Sky subscription and got myself a Humax freesat box, I am now looking to get a streaming box to watch some of the Sky channels, Now tv being the obvious one for Sky and I have been looking at the 4k box only to find out they don't broadcast in 4k via the box not even 1080p without paying another £3pm, not a major problem for me as I am no geek when it comes to these things, however I have just been looking at some of the Roku boxes which seem they may be a better option in as much as they offer more channels (from what I have read) anyway again it's another mine field as their are several, and from what I can see the ultra box being the best albeit quite pricey, now I am not sure it's worth investing in such a premium box when their are cheaper ones, however I do like the idea of that one connecting via an ethernet outlet, which is how my q box was connected, anyway I would like to hear from you guys who have these boxes be it Now tv Roku or whatever, I'm just trying to get a feel for what's out there and offers the best value for money.

Many thanks for your thoughts in advance
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