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Advice re Mon Aud R90 and Rel T3


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I am buying a complete home cinema from a dealer whose service I liked and seemed knowledgeable and trustworthy (it's a Sevenoaks). I was able to research the projector, dvd and amp, but don't know much about speakers. My budget for the 4+1 speakers and subwoofer is about £1000 in total; another big constraint is the wife insists on white speakers (no problem with subwoofer colour), and the smaller the better, provided they do the business for our decent size room. We're not huge audiophiles but we will also use the system to listen to our cds.

The dealer recommended Monitor Audio Radius R90s (which, I'm told, don't get discounted, so are £125), plus one R180 at £149. Reports seem to be good on these.

They also recommended a Rel T3 subwoofer at £395, which I really can't find anything on. The kit all sounded good at the demo, but I don't know enough to say if it sounded as good as it should or something else would sound much better. Also, don't know if it is decent value. Since the dealer is spending good time with me and gave me a good price on the other kit, I'm ok if I'm not getting online prices, but I don't like to be taken advantage.

So, I turn to my AVForum buddies for help -- :lease:

Thanks a lot.


What about some white M&K k5/k4's? Think the K4's are £119 and the K4' could be had s/hand for 200 new £349?

Or a whole svs set in white? They may be a little big though...


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The dealer sounds pretty spot on to me. The Monitor Audio Radius 5.1 setup won a major award last month, and the people on here that have heard it seem to agree that it's pretty special. Also, he's right on the pricing - I don't think you'll find anywhere discounting those speakers. The only "discount" is buying from petertyson.co.uk where you'll get discount vouchers off your next purchase.

I spoke to 2 different dealers last week (one was sevenoaks, the other wasn't) about similar requirements. Although I pushed suggestions such as Quad, Epos, B&W etc., both came back to the Radius setup as their first suggestion for auditioning. Interestingly, the non-sevenoaks dealer also said that a REL subwoofer would be a better sub to use with them than the Radius 360 or 720's, although in my case he mentioned a REL Quake or R205.

With regard to sound, you said you liked the sound. That's the main thing. There might be some that sound better, there are almost certainly lots that sound worse, but if you like the sound, then you're sorted. You're not going to find many award winning, discrete, white speakers that fit into your budget and sound good!

Although I still plan to go and listen to the R90's, I expect to go with an SVS sub from the power buys section - they get great reviews from end users on here, and I trust end users with real experience more than I do magazine reviewers and dealers.


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Hamslay is spot on, the package is an excellent one although I have not heard the new T series subs from REL myself, I sell a lot of their other products which are excellent. With regards to price, the Radius series is a popular package and sell well without discounting, there is no need for the dealer to discount. You can probably negotiate some sort of deal on all the cabling you will need.


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aye, the Radius are lovely speakers given their size etc.....and most dealers do prefer to give you some cabling chucked in free rather than discount them.....but dont buy the Radius subwoofers!...lol..they are pretty poor unfortunately...

i havnt heard the new REL subwoofers, the T range....a lot of people on here automatically put REL subs down as being overpriced, but REL are now owned by Sumiko, and the top R series sub is apparently actually pretty good value considering you are buying from a reseller and can demo it almost anywhere in the country......whether the T range is just as good remains to be seen, details on it are now available on the www.rel.net website as well as the sumikoaudio website (forget the actual address)......

however, for £400 if you have a reasonably good sized room and the wife doesnt mind the large size, you could get either a BK Monolith or SVS PB10....i would imagine both will outperform the T3......they'll certainly blow the Quake out of the water...lol...

or if she objects to the size of them, consider the SVS SB12/Plus, a small 14in cube (if i remember correctly) for around £500....more than you want to spend, but if you can get it i'd say it'll do the job very nicely...
downside is if you want a demo you need to go to Kent...lol

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