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I am planning to purchase the Panasonic TH-42PX70 which I will be wall mounting.
I will be concealing all the cable inside the wall behind the tv and under the floor to the location of the Sky box and Dvd player which is 3m away.

The power supply will be straight into a socket behind the tv but the scart lead/s are causing me concern.
I will need a scart lead to run from the Sky box to the back of the tv. Also my Sony Dvd surrond system does not have a scart connector but an S-Video connector which I believe the Panasonic tv doesn't have.
.How will I connect the Dvd player to the tv?
.How can I get a neat finish behind the tv, as I dont want the scart lead just to be dangling from the wall, is there any form of scart socket that I can fix in the wall and plug the tv into?
Any advice appreciated.


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To future proof your setup, I would recommend running a decent quality HDMI cable and also audio cables for the TV. RCA phonos and optical cables aren't expensive so I would recommend running from from the TV (check what kind of audio cable the TV is) to the surround sound system (or future amp upgrade etc.). It's also recommended to run some cat5/6 data cables for future use. Just make sure you run them in large enough conduit so that you can pull through any cables in the future as ripping cables out of plaster can be both costly and messy.

If your TV doesn't have a dedicated S-Video connector, it will accept a S-Video signal via AV2 (SCART), so buy a S-Video to SCART (not the other way around, as I'm sure they're not bi-directional) or get a S-Video cable and a SCART adaptor that has an in/out switch and a S-Video connection like this.

You can get faceplate with connectors on, see sites like etc. However, I think you would be better fitting something like this as a single straight connection will minimise any possible degradation in the signals.

TBH though, I would look at upgrading your surround sound unit to a HDMI model.


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thanks for your adice and very useful links.:smashin:

Your first paragraph has gone straight over though.:confused:


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Sorry if it went over your head, I'll try again!

HDMI is the new digital connector which is global (SCART was European) and designed to carry high definition video and audio. Check for the FAQ as that should explain what it can and can't do. Nearly all equipment use it now and certainly will in the future, so rather than have to install a HDMI cable a year or so down the line, you might as well install one now. As I said, make sure you fit large enough conduit to accomodate your current cables with room for some more.

To get sound from the TV through your home cinema systems speakers (providing it has the correct inputs) you will need to connect some audio cables (output) from the TV to the h/c. These will either be a digital optical cable or a pair of analogue RCA phono cables

In the future, cat5/6 (computer network cables) will come in handy for TV downloads, firmware updates to equipment and so on. As the cables are cheap, they can also be handy for pulling other cables through.

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