Advice r.e. Ps3 Av classifieds needed!


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For the first time I am thinking of venturing into the murky underworld of PS3 internet classifieds. I'm only going to use AV Forums though. Having read all the rules I'm still slightly confused about a couple of things so have a couple of Q's:

Thanks for any replies :smashin:

1. If you have no feedback are you supposed to post an item first as I can't find anything about this in the rules and everyone seems to have an opinion on this?

2. Some of the ad's I've been looking at are from people with no other forum activity. They have some good trader feedback but only seem to trade on here and post nothing else? Is that ok?

3. I've just read up a bit on Paypal and can see people pay by Bank Transfer as well. What do people think the best way to deal with payment is? I'd rather go down a safe route but Paypal obviously takes a percentage. I'm really not going to trade much at all if that's a factor.

4. If a bank transfer is better than Paypal should I set up another deposit account just for internet trading? I'm guessing I would have to give people my Ac no, sort code, address, name and tel no. This seems like a lot of personal info in one go to be handing out?

5. I haven't totally got my head around paypal but my understanding is that you deposit money into a paypal account for the transaction. How quick is the transfer from your personal bank account into your paypal one?

Any bits of answers very much appreciated also :smashin:

mods. I can't find this info in other parts of the forum so I was hoping this thread would be ok? plus we have a lot of new ps3 users that'll find this useful - Honest!


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1) Its not a rule by any means, although some people who have been trading a long time on here (and some who haven't:rolleyes:) ask a newbie on the classifieds to post first so they don't do a runner with the money. I tend not to deal too much with people who have joined in the last few days but everyone has to start somewhere:)

2)No probs- its an excellent place to trade and the mods do a sterling job making it as fair as possible and I've never had any problems in the slightest. Out of thousands of trades there are only a relative few issues.

3) I do BT as I hate paypal, but its really down to your preference, paypal gives you that security if your a buyer- but you pay for it (other than paypal gift)

4)BT just requires a name, account number and sortcode. No addresses needed, of course you can still get done with only that info but always get a mobile number just to be sure(ish).

5) No idea (I hate paypal:D).

Hope this helps.


Take jays advice i always go off post count myself and a little trader rating if someone has 2,000 posts and no trader rating i would be happy to deal:thumbsup:
if its a £10 item then not to fussed but ps3 packages and expensive equipment i would ask for it to be sent first some people have said no others yes i have had 2 iphones sent to me first and i paid on recipet.

Its up to the seller and there perogative


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Thanks for your replies everyone. I hope no-one takes offence r.e. the numbers of posts comment. I haven't done a single transaction before on-line apart from Play etc so know nothing whatsoever apart from reading a few for sale threads on here. Reading the disputed trade threads probably raised a few more questions than are really neccesary. I can tell the absolute majority of trades go very well. If people don't post in the main forums that's up to them. They are missing out on the best gaming forum I 've managed to find though :thumbsup:

Like I thought a good dose of common sense is required. :smashin:

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