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Advice/query Denon AVR-X2500h


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Hi all, just a quick question to put my mind at rest. I’ve just purchased a Denon AVR-X2500h and I’m after some advice. I’ve done all the set up with the audyssey, set my speakers to small and found 80hz to be the best crossover but I’m just wondering if when I stream music from my nas and I switch it to pure audio, will the speakers be recognised as full range or will they still be regarded as small and try and send the bass to my sub. Pretty sure it does recognise them as large but just after a few opinions.
Thanks in advance


Pure direct will ignore any bass management and treat your speakers as being full range/large. There will be no signal sent to the sub.


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Thanks for that. I thought it might be the case but with it being a brand new amp I thought I'd check

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