Question Advice projector - 4k, project on coloured wall, ambient light

Dear community,

great that this forum exists, I surely hope that someone will help me guiding on my way to my dream device. ;)

What I need
In my household there will be only one projector, for which I would like to spend $1k-2k. The device will located in the living room, throw distance is 11.3feet (345cm).
BUT, the wall which functions as a screen, is painted in a wonderful blue-green. For my old beamer this was no problem, because it has a "wall color mode", in which you determine the wall color and the brightness/color contrast etc. are adjusted accordingly. Having a proper screen in my living room is not an option.
I watched all sorts of cinematic masterpieces, including black and white, so black levels are definitely an issue for me (that's why I prefer the BenQ HT3550 (EU=BenQ W2700) over the BenQ TK850). Then there's a PS4 (later PS5) hooked up, which is why I'm looking for 4K.
I have attached a picture where you can see that not far from the "screen wall" is (dimmable) lamp. From time to time someone will switch that lamp on and I still want to be able to see the projection properly. What I am saying is, that this is not always a "Batcave".

Starry sky on blue-green wall ;)

What I have
For years I have been watching movie, series and played my PS4 with my good old BenQ W700+. At the time a great, bright projector, which left nothing to be desired, for me at least. Since half a year there are pixel errors/"stars". This is tolerable for cartoons and gaming, but since approximately 10-20% of the pixels are "broken", I have to say goodbye to this projector. 😭

What I tried (briefly)
I got my hands on a BenQ HT3550, because from the research I did, this seemed to fuIfill all my needs. Unfortunately, a part inside the projector was loose, which forced me to return the thing. I only had a few days to really test it, as it arrived just before the holidays and I didn't want the 14-day return policy to expire. At that point, to me, the picture seemed dark and the colours gray'ish, which I'm sure was due to the colour on the wall. As I said, I didn't have enough time to go through the many possible settings to discover if the projector was bright enough after all and could also handle the wall color.
I read that many find this BenQ to dark and it seems it only works great in a room that is totally dark. Maybe someone can shed some like, if that is really true or if some ambient light is OK, as long as the right settings are in place.

I appreciate any hints and constructive comments. Thanks

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