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Hi all,

I'm after your ideas, well actually my brother is after the info. He's not into AV as such, so has asked me for idea's to avoid shelling out for 6 Sky boxes.

He wants 1x Sky+ in each of these rooms; Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, Living Room, Kitchen and the Conservatory. With a view to increasing Sky to Sky HD.

He's currently gutting the house as the ring main was so dodgey it's scary.

As he's in rush to finish off the build, but he would like to know what cables to throw in, so he can get a plasterer in soonish.

But to be honest I would know where to start ! Cat5e? Cat6? HDMI? Coaxial?

Please help


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He will need a twin sat cable from the box position to the LNB on the side of the house, BUT an octal LNB (8 way) is the most he will get without having to put up another dish as each SKY+ box needs two connections to the LNB.
To me it is pretty sad to have 6 SKY+ boxes the multiroom charges alone will be £50 per month on top of his Normal rental and if he adds HD at £10 a pop, boy that is one costly installation.
Surely Freeview would suffice in a couple of the bedrooms and kitchen.
Coaxial and Satellite Cables


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Choice of 2 really:

Either use one or two sky boxes and distribute around the house using a Matrix switch and cat5.

Or as below, distribute sky dish feeds to all locations using a Quattro LNB and a switch. You can get as many sat points as you need from one dish.

Type the link in my sig if you want more info.


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