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    I hope this is not too stupid a question:blush: I have a STR-DB1080 Sony amp and 5 speakers, do I need a DVD player with a Dolby Digital decoder or does the Amp do this? I am looking at getting a Sony DVD player and I am confused:(
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    Hi Carle,

    It might sound a silly question but to a novice who owns one, still a very important query.

    Unfortunately I do not know. :confused:

    However, cutting and pasting the name of your amp into google promptly yielded a selection of sites with relevant informtion.

    Form one site, I cut n pasted the following:

    Sony STR-DB1080
    Dolby Digital EX & Dolby Pro-Logic 2 Decoders built-in
    DTS, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, NEO: 6 DTS 96/24 Decoders
    100W x 6 power output
    True 6.1 channel amplifier
    6.1 Channel input
    SACD multi-channel input
    Supports Multichannel SACD (frequency range up to 100kHz)
    On screen display function
    Pre programmed Remote Control Supplied
    Available in black and silver
    4 Optical inputs/1 coaxial input (Assignable)
    Optical Output for minidisc
    Built in RDS EON Tuner
    UK sound tuned, from Sony UK

    So, the answer to your question is yest, it does have a DD/DTS/Prologic II decoder.

    So go and buy yourself a sensibly priced DVD, perhasp a budget enty Toshiba, they generally get good reviews.

    Before I depart, in future, I suggest you do what I did, and save yourself the time in waiting for soem one to reply! :p

    Hope this helped.


    suppose better go back to work now :(

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