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I have been using a Pioneer dsc-330 all-in-one system but recently the dvd component failed.
I have since purchased a seperate dvd player and am using a digital 5.1 feed back into the DSC-330 for surround decoding from dvd's.
In the meantimte the DCS-330 is still being used for regular home theatre stuff such as tv and x-box.
What I would like to do is replace the DCS-330 with an AV amp/receiver. However i would like to keep the slimline passive sub that came with the DSC-330 as I live in a flat and it provides nice bass without annoying my neighbours.
My problem is that most amps seem to only do preout for the sub where I would need just a regular connection to the passive sub.
I have a budget of about £300-350 so any recommendations would be gratefully received. I have DD, DTSa nd PL2 decoding at the moment so would like an amp that does all those.

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I am not aware of any seperates system that has a powered LFE channel - the only systems that tend to use passive subs these days are the all-in-one options.

I cannot think of any suitable suggestion of a work arround for replacing the amp without replacing the sub.

Another concern which I would have is that my personal past experiences with all-in-ones is that the speakers are not anywhere near the rating they claim to be. I connected the speakers from my old system as temporary rears to my Denon 2805 (100watts) and though the all-in-one speakers were supposidly 120 watts they distorted on any sound above -65 db.

Sorry that I couldnt be of more help


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Thanks for the advice.
I guess I may have to look at a speaker change as well. Will have to see if there are any good packages at the moment.

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