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    Please excuse my ignorance but having spent a few days reading articles my brain is now scrambled and confused, i have a few questions i hope someone will be kind enough to answer or give an opinion on ( answers for idiots please )
    1. whats the difference between an integrated amp and a power amp.

    2. i have just bought a Toshiba 36zp38B and want an amp to give the surround sound a bit more oomph, but i also want it to play cd's from a separate cd player and was thinking of a Marantz PM7200 or something in that price range.any suggestions please, and to what sort of speakers would go with the amp.

    many thanks Paul
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    An integrated amp contains a pre as well as power amp stages,and can therefefore accept low level inputs from things like CD players,tunerst etc,and then amplify them to the level that speakers require.

    A power amp requires a preamp to raise low level inputs to a suitable level before it can amplify them to the right level for a set of speakers.
    It also usually has only one or two sets of unswitched inputs.

    Hope that helps with the pre/power question.

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