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Hi- Iam currently watching dvds on a basic cheap player. Some discs it plays back ok but some it dosent. I was wondering will it make much difference if i buy a more expensive player and if so which one? Or is it worth buying Blue Ray player considering i only have normal dvd films/programmes. Iam viewing on a Samsung le40a786 if that makes any difference.


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[ Iam viewing on a Samsung le40a786 if that makes any difference.

Yes it does. :) You should be looking for an hdmi equiped upscaler.

Haveyou thought of moving to blu ray. sony are selling there 360 for less than 100 and other less well known for less. Blu ray players can upscale as well.


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So you would go with blueray rather then a normal dvd player? Il check out the one you mention. I can probably spend more then £100 if it makes a difference in PQ, maybe £150-£180.
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You'll definitely get better pq with a decent player hooked up via HDMI. Don't worry about an upscaling player - the TV will do that. At that price point a dedicated DVD player may give slightly better DVD play back than Blu Ray but it won't be "night and day" different.

The thing is though, that no manufacturers are bringing out new DVD players. They are all concentrating on Blu Ray players. So IMO, the wise thing to do would be to get a Blu Ray player and have the option of HD sound and picture if you want to take advantage of those formats, either now or at some time in the future. Something like the Sony 360 mentioned or the Panasonic BD 80 (haven't checked the price of that lately) would be the way to go IMO.

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